Data Valuation

The next frontier of asset valuation

Data Valuation

Create Benchmarks

Track the operational, commercial or financial performance of your data.


Protection in case of data breach or loss.

Data Commercialisation

Inform and guide the commercialisation process.

Data Valuation

The expectations of shareholders, investors, clients, partners and governance bodies around data asset management are escalating quickly. Step changes in AI and ML capabilities mean that data is now being considered a core asset for most companies and organisations. Measurement of data management and performance is rapidly moving from optional to critical and those with a clear understanding of the value of their data assets have a distinct competitive advantage.

Data is different to other assets​​

Data cannot be easily commoditised.

Accounting for data assets​​

There are no specific accounting principles for data, yet data is different from other intangible assets.

A bespoke approach​

Data assets need a unique valuation methodology.