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Aurum Data can provide guidance on how data valuation can provide critical insights for your company or organisation and how the data valuation process might work for your data assets.


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What is involved in a data valuation?

Upon engagement, Aurum Data undertakes discovery activities to clearly define the data assets, their utility and potential. Clients gain access to the client discovery portal where a range of topics regarding the assets are covered. Key assumptions are agreed and the valuation modelling commences. Clients are deeply involved in this process to ensure accuracy, alignment and knowledge sharing. Reports, including findings, are shared in draft form before being finalised and presented.

How long does a data valuation take?

Data valuations vary in length depending on the scope of the assets being valued and the availability of relevant inputs from the clients. Most valuation projects take between six to eight weeks.

Does Aurum Data provide specific advice on how to increase the value of data assets?

Yes, Aurum Data’s valuation reports include recommendations around protecting and enhancing the value of data assets.

Does Aurum Data provide valuations for data assets that relate to multiple markets or countries?

Yes, Aurum Data’s valuation methodology enables data assets that span multiple countries and market segments to be valued.