A tailored solution to address the growing need for data valuation


Aurum Data’s discovery activities clearly define both the data assets and the relevant data market.


Algorithmic and qualitative analytics are used to model future utility and demand.


Operational and market context provides clarity around the valuation provided.

A practical, market-based approach

Part of Aurum Data’s extensive R&D activities in the development phase included collecting, curating, validating and enriching a proprietary dataset that forms the foundation of the data science methodologies.

The dataset benchmarks a range of attributes that are proven to drive the market value of data assets across a broad spectrum of sectors and international markets.

A bespoke approach is taken to each valuation, with tailored discovery activities providing clarity around the attributes of the data assets being valued.

Aurum Data uses algorithmic and qualitative analytics, which actively consider each set of unique attributes.

Our valuation model valuation model uses recent advances in explainable AI to identify and quantify those data characteristics that are driving value. More than 100 features of each data asset are examined as part of the modelling process.

The outputs of Aurum Data’s data valuation modelling are captured and summarised in reports that use market experience to anchor findings and recommendations around current trends, data transactions and projections around utility and demand.

Tangible reference points provide clarity around cause and effect for the holder of the valued data assets.

Where clients are considering options around data tokenisation or NFTs, Aurum Data customises its outputs to maximise clarity around security and monetisation options.

Aurum Data’s valuation reports also provide clear recommendations on how the data custodian can improve the value of their data assets.

Commercialisation opportunities are highlighted and additional advice and support on recommended activities are available on request.

Case Studies


A consumer finance provider with an international customer base sought a valuation of their data assets to develop internal commercial benchmarks and explore external commercialisation opportunities.


An Australian government agency with over 200 years of demographic data partnered with Aurum Data to value its data assets to identify opportunities for improved service delivery and revenue optimisation.


A European not-for-profit organisation was keen to explore opportunities to commercialise their current and prospective data assets. Aurum Data provided clear guidance on both the current valuation of the data assets and what could be realised if identified commercialisation strategies were employed.